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Elvis Presley Tribute 4th of July Night

The American Club hosted an amazing evening at the Cerle Nationale des Armées near Saint Auguste with the world-renown Elvis Presley double

Champagne, Cocktail dinatoire, a great time was had by all.

Elvis Presley was one of the key cultural icons of 20th Century America. We planned an exclusive private evening at the prestigious Cercle Saint-Augustin (Paris 8e) with a concert by ALAN KING, a talented young artist rated among the top Elvis impersonators in Europe. The evening included a welcome drink, the live performance concert, and a Champagne Cocktail Dinatoire. After his show, Elvis circulated among the crowd for photos and autographs.

About Alan King:
Since 2008, Alan King has produced his shows throughout Europe. With a musical repertoire of some fifty Elvis songs, he will offer you a dynamic, magical evening in tribute to The King. The hair, the voice, the look, and the famous hip movements . . .the illusion is perfect! You will re-live the best years of Elvis’s career, from the 1950s with his Rock-n- Roll style, to the last concert in Las Vegas in the 1970s.

(See this video for a sample of his show:)

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