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Summer 2022

To our growing American Club of Paris community,

As we wind down our 2021/2022 Club season, we can’t help but feel nostalgic, reminiscing about each one of the 39 (!) events we hosted – from luncheons with fascinating and inspiring speakers, private museum visits, conferences, our legendary Happy Hours, not to mention such special events as our Annual Thanksgiving Gala, the Spring Dinner Dance and most recent 4th of July Picnic. Yet we are happy and grateful for the many new memories we created, the coming together of old and new friends and the knowledge we acquired along the way. And in looking ahead at the upcoming 2022/2023 season, we are excited to be able to offer our members yet another calendar full of top-notch events the American Club of Paris is known and loved for. We hope you will join us often!

Until we meet again at La Rentrée in September, we wish you a wonderful summer with family and friends. We too are officially closing our offices and will be back in full swing starting Monday, August 29th.

But for now, we invite you to sit back, relax and to enjoy a little walk down memory lane perusing our Summer Newsletter!

Member Spotlight

In this edition of our member spotlight we are happy to introduce you to Paul Haskell who from 1986-1988 held the position of 2nd Vice President of the American Club of Paris.

Since when have you been a member and what at the time encouraged you to join the American Club of Paris?

I joined in 1964 when moving to Paris from New York. My father, John Haskell, was President of the Club at that time; so I was keen on getting to know the American community in Paris. Mariella, who is Italian, joined in 1980, looking to connect with the American culture.

On July 7th your wife Mariella and you celebrated your 28th wedding anniversary. What role did the American Club of Paris play in your courtship?

We met at several Club lunches in the 1980's and became good friends. We were both on the Executive Committee at one time. After Paul was divorced in 1993, the friendship developed into something stronger, and we got married on July 7, 1994.

What makes the Club unique in your eyes? What do you most appreciate about it?

The ACP is unique in that it is an informal, apolitical group of good level people.

What, if anything, has changed about the Club over the last years/since you joined?  

The Club has more younger members and more interesting activities.

What would you say to prospective new members interested in joining the American Club of Paris? 

We would say the Club is a friendly group of interesting people particularly interested in world events concerning the US and France. It is also a fun social group.

    A Few Memories From Past Events

    Luncheon with former Polish Ambassador Slawomir Czarlewski - April 27th, 2022

    With our finger continuously on the pulse of times we were pleased to welcome former Polish Ambassador Slawomir Czarlewski who spoke to us the EU and Poland’s position in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Virtual Conversation with Charles MacKay - May 4th, 2022

    No Zoom fatigue here listening to ACP board member Robert Paley candidly talk to Charles MacKay, opera and arts administrator extraordinaire, about his leadership experience managing such world class opera companies as the Santa Fe Opera and what it means to be inducted into the OPERA America’s Hall of Fame!

    Charles Ray, Private Guided Tour - May 12th, 2022

    A lovely late afternoon stroll through the Centre Pompidou admiring the small yet carefully curated, monographic exhibition dedicated to the most prominent contemporary American sculptors: Mr. Charles Ray.

    May Happy Hour - May 17th, 2022

    Another fun and casual evening with our dear members and so many wonderful new friends (6 of whom have become members since). 

    Gala Dinner Dance - May 20th, 2022

    Decked out in black tie and beautiful dresses, ready to mingle, feast and get their groove on the dancefloor, members and many old and new friends came together in the majestic Salon Foch of the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée for a night to remember.

    Lafayette Conference - June 7th, 2022

    On the beautiful campus of the Columbia Global Centers, history buffs and novices alike thoroughly enjoyed the mesmerizing conference held by Laurent Zecchini and Sabine Renault Sablonière on the Marquis de la Fayette and his wife Adrienne.

    Art Heart Walking Tour, Marais Edition - June 11th, 2022

    Our third installment of the infamous Art Heart Walking Tour whisked a small group of ACP members through the streets of the Marais to some of the most coveted galleries of the city, including the stunning Galerie Perrotin! Thank you to Atelier Tours Paris for yet another unforgettable experience.

    June Happy Hour - June 14th, 2022

    Over 50 members and new friends - epic! What more can we say?

    Luncheon with Christian Saint-Étienne - June 27th, 2022

    We welcomed economist, political analyst and award-winning author Christian Saint-Etienne for another current affairs lunch talk on the subject of Europe’s fight for world leadership between China and the United States. 

    4th of July Summer Party & AGM - July 2nd, 2022

    On a picturesque day over 75 people came together for a barbeque luncheon in the beautiful Reid Hall gardens to celebrate all things red, white and blue, including the success of the American Club of Paris in the fiscal year ending August 31st, 2021. 

    July Happy Hour - July 19th, 2022

    We couldn't have asked for a better summer send off! Thank you to the many members and new friends who came out during the heatwave to raise one last glass together before the summer holidays! And special thanks go out to Le Gatsby for being such a great partner (and yes, host!) over the course of the last season, we cannot wait to be back at la rentrée, Tuesday, September 20th! 

    It's That Time of Year Again: Membership Renewal

    Your current membership is due to expire on August 31st and amidst many global challenges we are very happy to be able to maintain the same membership renewal rates as in the past seasons. 

    In the coming days you will receive a renewal notification and we invite you to take a minute to login to your profile and renew. 

    We count on and wish to thank you for your continued loyalty and support - another exciting new season awaits with a calendar full of great events, intriguing speakers and exclusive tours.

    BFC Benjamin Franklin Circle

    Whether you are a long-standing, returning or new member, or simply a friend, today more than ever we kindly ask your support. By joining the esteemed Benjamin Franklin Circle you actively participate in continuing to strengthen the French-American friendship by encouraging political, intellectual and cultural exchanges between our two countries. 

    We wish to thank you in advance for your consideration.

    You may make a donation here.

    Member News

    We warmly welcome the following new members

    Thomas Andrews, Daniel & Clothilde Benjamin, Virginia Choy & Darren Matthews, Scarlette Elizée de Fresnoye, Rachel Elliott, Todd Foreman, Paulette Geragos, Simonetta Giordano, Scott Hingley, Anne Holland-McCowan, Bernard & Jennifer Jomard, William Jordan, Jens Legallet, Christy McLarney, Cinzia Meneghin, Emmanuel Merle & Angéline Merle-Yuan, Brad & Nancy Miller, Michael & Primitiva Rooney, Myriam Seivert

    Member Profiles

    Please take a moment to review, and if necessary, update your member profile and contact information! Having your complete contact information allows us stay in touch with you - and while you're there, make sure to upload a photo and to share your birth date (year optional).

    In Memoriam 

    In deep sadness the American Club of Paris mourns the passing of member Lauren Taylor Swift earlier this year. 

    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, September 8th, 12:30 - 2:30 pmLuncheon with former French Ambassador to the United States Gérard Araud, Click here to register

    Monday, September 12th, 7:00 - 10:00 pmLa Rentrée Cocktail, Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, Click here to register

    Tuesday, September 20th, 6:30 - 8:30 pmSeptember Happy Hour, Le Gatsby, Click here to register

    Tuesday, September 27th at 5:30 pmPrivate Guided Tour of the Hotel de la Marine, Members-only event, Registrations open soon

    and much more to be announced soon…

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