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ACP Confinement Chronicles

22 Jan 2021 8:00 PM | The American (Administrator)

The idea here was to ask our members how they got through confinement. What did they discover about themselves, about Paris, about their surroundings while locked down?

Our first installment is about our ACP Treasurer, Christophe Korfer.

Christophe, what did you discover during Covid?

“When we packed up to move to our confinement home, I decided at the last minute to throw in a sketch pad and some old pencils. Figured why not, they didn’t take much space. For years I would simply doodle while on the phone, simple sketches of horses in my spare time but the first confinement gave me “guilt-free” time to try different subjects. I spent my brief periods of one hour in the neighborhood searching out interesting architecture and landscapes. I always took great pleasure walking through Paris with my eyes aimed up but I started looking for good angles and the right light. Even the rooftop views out over Saint-Germain-des-Prés were fair game.

I started posting my sketches on Facebook and Instagram and have developed a small but faithful following. I have even done some commissions for friends and even total strangers.”

And do you continue your sketches now that you are less confined?

“Not only do I continue the pencil and ink sketches, but I am slowly expanding into watercolors. The work is peaceful yet challenging. Sketching brings me the same benefits as meditation or yoga. It keeps me calm and I love it.”

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